Here at T6 Audio Visual in Dumfries, we offer two options when choosing to install new or additional security:

Wireless Security

  • Wireless Systems allow for optimum placement of each device. With a wired system, it is sometimes proven difficult to place a device in the optimum location.
  • A device can carry up to two years of battery life.
  • The installation process of a wireless device is considerably faster and can usually be completed within 4-5 hours, whereas a wired system can take days depending on its complexity.
  • Easier to install into old buildings.
  • Manufacturers we use include Visionic, Yale & Honeywell

Wired Security

    • Choosing Wired Security usually means hardware is obtained at a cheaper rate, however, the installation cost tends to be higher.
    • Maintenance costs are cheaper.
    • Larger systems are easily obtained.
    • Manufacturers we use include Honeywell, Scantronic, Texecom & Pryronix.
Wired and Wireless Security Systems in Dumfries

Our Wireless Security Systems start from £399.99 and Wired Systems are obtainable from £349.99.

All our systems can be connected to a third party ARC (Alarm Response Centre) who will contact authorised people in the event of activation (a monthly payment does apply).

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